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Arlet's House - Nexe arquitectura | Josep Carreté
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Arlet’s House

Arlet’s House

Create one space within another, a manifestation of a child’s dreams. Draw new borders, far beyond the four walls hemming you in. It’s like exploring the skeleton of a whale, like building a cabin out of branches in the woods, like making a tent from the sheets hung out to dry, like climbing a massive tree and sitting on a branch, like making an impenetrable fortress out of chairs… This project is a game where you use your imagination—the type of game kids love best. Here, you create the magic of a limitless space within the confines of a home, one where you can take your daydream as far as you want, through endless realms. In this little house, there’s nothing to stop you.

Once you’re inside, your perception of the space is transformed. The scale and proportions change. Inside my little house, it all takes on a new, surprising dimension. It all fits: the table where I do my homework or draw incredible tales; a room where I sit with my friends as we dream up new adventures; a sofa where I can do plenty of reading; my light; some shelves for my books, objects and trophies. I also have a double-high space with an extremely tall roof; an upstairs and a ladder to take me there; my bed; a ceiling I can climb on or swing from. It’s incredible how far the space in here extends. It all fits. There’s room for everyone, especially my friends.

Outside, the lines are blurry. Distances change depending on the light, the time of day or night, my imagination… Sometimes it’s an ocean, a forest, a desert; it’s always shifting, depending on the courage or fears I’m feeling. Still—inside, my little house is always a safe place.

It’s built out of wood (of course!) with simple joints… just screws. It’s solid and open at the same time. There are no imposed points of reference. It’s a frame that serves as a gameboard for diversion on a human scale—the little ones are humans, too! For an adult, it’s just a nuisance—something in the way. For Arlet, it’s her world.


New construction